Apps for your RoomplayerDownload the Roomplayer Desktop App to complete the set up of your Roomplayer+ or Roomplayer+ with Amp. You can use it to control your Roomplayers and play music too.

Download the Desktop App for your Roomplayer+ 

The Roomplayer desktop application is the last step to getting your Roomplayer+ or Roomplayer+ with Amp up and running - you can also use it to browse and play music from your Roomplayers. 

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Download the desktop app for your Roomplayer+

If you have the new Roomplayer+ or Roomplayer+ with Amp, download it here for your Mac or Windows computer:

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Download for Mac

Version 3.3 released September 11, 2014 for use with Roomplayer+ models only. Compatible with Apple computers with Intel processors running OSX 10.8 and above.

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Download for Windows

Version 3.3 released September 11, 2014 for use with Roomplayer+ models only. Compatible with PC's running Windows Vista, 7 & 8 with the latest Windows service packs installed.

Read the software release notes for the latest version 3.3


Updating your Roomplayer+ software to version 3.3 from a previous version?

You will be prompted to update your Roomplayer firmware during installation and set-up, so please make sure that all your Roomplayers are switched on. If you use the iPad app, it is essential that you update your iPad app too as part of the version 3.3 update. Look out for the Roomplayer iPad app update in the App Store on your device.

Roomplayer compatibility

The new Roomplayer+ is not compatible with the original Roomplayer models (I and II), Do not connect both the original Roomplayer and the Roomplayer+ on the same network.

Apps for the older Roomplayer I and II

If you are unsure about which Roomplayer model you have you can  check the label on the underside of your Roomplayer. If you have a  Roomplayer I or II, please visit our software archive page.

Need help?

Our Desktop Installation and Setup Guide features step by step instructions as well as handy tips and suggestions - well worth a read.


Also look out for:

iPad Support Page

Roomplayer app for iPad®

The Roomplayer iPad app is available to download from the App store on your device. Search for 'Simple Audio' and follow the on-screen instructions.

Compatible with iOS 7 and above.


Roomplayer app for iPhone and iPod®

The app for iPhone and iPod touch is not compatible with the Roomplayer+.