Music streaming at its bestRoomplayers are high resolution music streamers with unique multi-user, multi-library and multi-room capability - perfect for enjoying music all around your home

Roomplayer Overview


High-res: exceptional audio performance

The Roomplayer features a high-end Class D amp, high performance signal handling, an eight-layer PCB and high resolution DAC. So you see, when it came to designing the Roomplayer, sound reproduction was top of the list, just so you can enjoy exceptional sound from MP3 up to uncompressed high-res formats (up to 24/192).

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Multi-library: easy access to all your music

When you've ripped CDs or downloaded tracks to multiple computers and storage devices, keeping track of all your music can be difficult. Of course, this isn't a problem for the Roomplayer, which will access music libraries, folders and individual tracks on any device connected to your home network.

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Uniquely multi-user: music for everyone

Unique multi-user features make the Roomplayer a great fit for your family and friends. Anyone with access to your home network can download the Roomplayer app, add a profile, sync their music libraries, create playlists and control what's playing on any Roomplayer.

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Multi-room: stunning sound everywhere

Add additional Roomplayers throughout your home for the ultimate multi-room experience. Listen to different music in every room; ideal if your family has varied music tastes. Group rooms to listen to music in any part of the house; play it upstairs or downstairs. Play the same music everywhere; perfect if you want to get a party started.

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Easy control: all your music at your fingertips

Roomplayer apps display all your available music and provide plenty of ways for you to browse and search through albums, artists, tracks and composers. So, whether you're sitting back relaxing or busy around the house, its easy to control what's playing and where it's playing from your computer or tablet.

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Music discovery: streaming services & radio

Keep your finger on the pulse or take a trip down memory lane with integrated music streaming services and online radio stations. Whatever the occasion, search though millions of new tracks, pick up new music recommendations, or tune into your favourite local or global radio stations.

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